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Walking Machine

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  • As the foot plate and body are foldable, the rates of space usage can be increased.
  • With the 3-stage angle adjustment function, it gives the user the option of selecting the speed and quantity of exercise.(Speed adjustable up to 0.5km ~ 6km)
  • Owing to the installed casters with its light weight, it can be moved easily to the living room or inner room, and the user can take exercise in the preferred place of exercise.
  • Exercise equipments can be used when they are caught by the user. If there is expensive exercise equipment in the living room, it may be annoying to go out for exercise, but the product has removed such inconvenience.
  • Bright display of figures of the size 40mm
  • It is especially effective for walking exercise and safe in the beginning and end of exercise.
  • 30 minutes automatic setting
  • Refined and cute design